Allen Rubinstein

Allen Rubinstein Biography

Allen Rubinstein has a poetry salon email address that just reads “admin” instead of his actual name, which is the kind of notoriety you can expect when you’re “the husband” and your spouse spends all day talking to poets. Allen has a background in non-profit organizations and politics where he was on the phone a lot, and a film degree from Ithaca College which has served him professionally about as well as you’d expect. He also earned a Masters of Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica in 2010, which, besides marrying award-winning poet Tresha Faye Haefner, is the best thing he’s ever done.

Currently, Allen writes non-fiction, privately edits and proofreads prose and scripts, assembles furniture, makes obsessive lists of pop culture he’s seen, dances impressively and generally tries to make himself useful. He tends to all the technical/paperwork/finance/logistical/website/video production needs of The Poetry Salon, making sure “the talent” has the stage set for their brilliance to shine.

Someday Allen may have a book published. He’s really one hell of a writer.


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